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Top Dermatologist Risks Everything To Reveal Anti-Aging's Best Kept Secret: "...the benefits of Botox without going under the knife." [READ]

Continue reading to see how an extremely embarrassing story involving a wedding, a Catholic pastor, and a bathroom FLOOR of all things led me to discover one of the biggest anti-aging breakthroughs of the 21st century. 

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Written by Ashley Smyth- Published on Feb 28, 2023

I never stopped to think about what it meant to turn 50, but as I sat there looking in my vanity mirror, a sense of loss fell over me. 

It all started on the morning of my 50th birthday...

My name is Ashley Smyth. I was your everyday typical stay at home mother. Most people from the outside would say I was living the American dream...

I married my husband young and we'd been together for almost 28 years. My kids got great grades. My son was on the football team. I even had a little white picket fence outside of my house. 

I was happy...but one rainy morning in May...that all changed. 

It was the morning of my 50th birthday, and as I sat looking into my vanity mirror as I do every morning, I had a revelation...

I wasn't the same young women who had started this journey with her husband 28 years ago. 

The longer I stared into my mirror...the more I found wrong.

My crow's feet went across my eyes like cracks in a desert floor. My lips looked thin and frail. And my neck and décolleté hung like old curtains at a movie theatre. 

As much as I tried to be positive, I just didn't feel beautiful anymore...

I started to panic. It hit me like a ton of bricks...

I had been so busy taking care of my family all these years that I had forgotten to take care of myself. 

I had always taken my perfect skin for granted when I was young. Not needing to do much to look nice. 

But as I sat there staring at a 50-year-old woman who now looked 65, a sense of loss fell over me. 

I knew I had let myself go.

My daughter was getting married that summer, and right then and there, I made a promise to myself that there was no way I was going to show up to see all the friends and family I hadn't seen in years looking like a withered-up old prune.

I tried everything—balms, serums, moisturizers, scrubs, peels, you name it.

But the more and more products I tried, the more and more depressed I became, as nothing seemed to make a lick of difference. 

One of the most expensive creams even caused me to break out like a teenager. They were basically just plain old moisturizers in pretty boxes.

Many studies even found that the chemicals used in making these moisturizers, such as BPA, sulfates, and parabens, are known to be carcinogenic, meaning they can contribute to causing cancer

It's no wonder none of these solutions work! 

I might as well have saved a few hundred dollars and bought a bottle of Jurgens at Walgreens. 

My self-esteem hit an all time low...and it couldn't have come at a worse time. 

The big day had arrived: the morning of my daughter's wedding.

Despite my recent struggles, the excitement surrounding the day gave me the courage to shake off the negativity that had been weighing me down and fill my mind with busy work.

Like any proud mom, I began helping however I could, running through last-minute to-dos, organizing hair and makeup, even picking the music for the first dance. 

Everything was going off without a hitch. All of my closest family and friends began to file in to take their seats.

But as the ceremony was about to start, what should have been one of the proudest moments of my life quickly became one of the worst. 

The priest walked to the podium in the front of the room, and a silence fell over the guests as custom dictates. 

He began to introduce the groom's family and then turned to my side of the aisle to introduce the bride's. 

He looked directly at me, and the words rang through the pews of the church like an echo in a cave.

"And here we have the bride's grandmother." 

Everyone was staring directly at me. 

It felt like 1000 eyeballs were burning a hole in my head. 

All the negative thoughts I had been feeling came swarming back in like a tsunami. My face filled with blood as my normally pale complexion turned beet red. 

I didn't know what to do. Almost out of instinct, I turned and ran for the restroom, the only place I could think to hide.

Moments later, I met Dr. Morgan Smith in the restroom. 

"You've had a panic attack," she said. She could tell I was mortified, so she didn't press for details. 

She simply made sure I would be okay and quietly slipped me her card, saying,

Weeks passed, and I debated whether or not I should go see Dr. Smith. But then one day out of desperation I decided to go to her office. 

I explained the whole situation to her, going into great detail about the emotional pain and sufferingI had been feeling over my aging appearance. 

"I feel like I'm having a midlife crisis," I said. 

Luckily for me, Dr. Smith had dealt with well over 10,000 women at her clinic. 

She had seen it all. 

She even spent nearly a decade developing anti-aging formulas at the University Compounding Pharmacy in San Diego.

But my problems were unique. I told her I was so desperate I had considered Botox and plastic surgery.

"1 in every 10,000 cosmetic surgeries end in death. Is that how you want to leave your kids?" 

I looked at her sheepishly and said, "I just don't know what to do anymore. I've tried everything.: 

"Mary, this is not your fault. The truth is, there was a dirty little secret in the skincare industry no one really talks about." 

My head tilted to the side immediately, as though I was skeptical of what she was about to say.

"The products being sold to you are not meant to fix your problem. They are only meant to treat the symptoms. There is only one thing that actually causes your skin to wrinkle," she explained.

That is a breakdown in your skin's structural proteins. 

There are lots of different proteins in our skin, which are known scientifically as amino acids.

These amino acids make up our skin's complexion. 

You may have heard of some of them, such as keratin, actin and laminin.

But there are only two that really matter for preventing wrinkles, collagen and elastin. 

Elastin is the amino acid in your body that acts like an elastic band, giving your skin the ability to snap back into place after it stretches.

Without it, your skin starts to sag and lose its shape. 

On the other hand, collagen makes up about 71% of the amino acids in your skin, providing it with its fullness, supple touch and vibrance.

When combined, they are what give your skin its youthful look. 

After you turn 18, your body's collagen and elastin production decrease by about 1% per year.

And now that you are 50 years old, the collagen and elastin receptors in your body have mostly begin to shut off. 

This is why none of the things you have been trying make any difference.

They weren't designed to address these problems, only to mask them with temporary results. 

My response? "Then why did I spend so much money on all this junk?". 

The thing was, my wrinkles had already become so deep that in order to fix my problem for good, not only would we have to find a way to stop the breakdown of collagen and elastin, we had to find a way to turn it back on.

Dr Smith frowned. 

"I hate to say it, but as far as I know, it's not possible to restore collagen and elastin production. We only have the technology to slow it down." 

But then I shot up like a bolt of lightning. 

"There was this one thing my cousin in France told me about on Facebook. She said it had been going viral in Europe but I couldn't find it anywhere." I told her. 

"It's called LED light therapy, do you think that could help?" 

Dr. Smith said "I know what that is. But I don't know if it could work for skin regeneration. I need more time to some research, let's meet in 2 weeks." 

Weeks later, I got a phone call. "The results from these studies will blow you away..." 

Dr. Smith had been researching for weeks, and hidden under a tab of dusty, yellow brown folders, were a series of studies that labeled "LED light therapy". 

She couldn't believe what she'd found. 

One study found that when
administered LED light as 20-minute treatments three times weekly for three weeks, improvements included reduction in fine lines and wrinkles and softer, smoother skin.

Another study found that Red LED light therapy could produce a 31.6% reduction in wrinkle volume. 

And amazingly, they found in multiple trials that it was 100% safe for human use. I couldn't believe what I was reading, but that wasn't the only study to find this.

This was a profound moment for me, but I quickly learned it wasn't going to be quite that simple.

It turns out that LED light therapy is actually a very complex treatment. At its most basic level, LED light therapy is exposure to specific wavelengths of light that stimulate cellular processes.

The thing that makes LED light therapy special compared to other treatments is that when it is applied directly, it has the ability to communicate with the cells in your skin.

The problem is, while LED light therapy can be used to address various skin issues like fine lines, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone, there are different wavelengths for different purposes. So you have to know which LED light therapy will fix the issue.

Dr. Smith continued on, "I started digging deeper into the studies to find the exact wavelength of light the labs had been using.

The first wavelength which I found was in almost every study.

It was called a collagen-boosting wavelength or "collagen activation therapy," as she explained. 

By applying this collagen-boosting LED light therapy to the affected area, we can trick the skin into producing more collagen.

"This would fix your skin from suffering further collagen breakdown, but I still needed to find a way to restore your skin's elastin production."

What she shared with me next blew me away.

One of the studies had combined a second type of LED light therapy and saw even more dramatic results. It was called an elastin-boosting wavelength. 

They called it this because it literally sends a signal to your skin, giving it instructions on what proteins to produce in your skin, including elastin. 

By doing this, elastin-boosting LED light therapy can once again trick the skin into producing elastin, even after your body has stopped producing it naturally. 

This was great! But there was one huge problem. Why wasn't LED light therapy being sold everywhere? I just couldn't understand it. 

Well, this is where things take a dark turn. 

The Medical Spa Market (worth $16.3B) doesn't want you knowing you can get the same results, but at home for 1/5th the price. 

That's right. 

Professional LED facials can cost as much as $300 for just ONE session. 

But based on all the studies, I would need at least 3 sessions per week in order to see any actual results. 

That means if I were to go 3x per week for a year, I'd spend over $43,000. Are you kidding me? 

"There's no way I'm going to spend that kind of money on LED facials. I might as well buy a house for that cost!"

"Don't worry," Dr. Smith said. "You don't need to because there's this small startup skincare company that's creating at-home LED therapy masks that deliver the same professional-level results as the Med Spa, from the comfort of your own home." 

I was shocked. Did something like that really exist? No way. 

But it was true. 

And I'll now share with you all about this new device that completely changed my life! 

Get Professional Wrinkle & Acne Clearing Results Without The Sky-High Price Tag 

It's called the Wrinkle & Acne Clearing Light Therapy Mask by a startup skincare company called Nutriskin. 

Their goal was to make a low cost at-home alternative to professional LED light treatments which cost as much as $250 per session! But instead of paying hundreds of dollars per session,this mask gets you unlimited treatments.

It's going viral on social media because it eliminates wrinkles and acne causing bacteria by penetrating deep into the skin with 632nm red wavelength light to supercharge the production of collagen and elastin. 

In just 10 minutes a day, it brings out your face's natural glow, smooths away wrinkles, and corrects pigmentation from sun damage. 

How Does Red LED Light Therapy Miraculously Work To Clear Away Acne & Wrinkles? 

As we age the collagen and elastin in our skin breaks down. Collagen and elastin are two proteins that make the skin firm and supple.

This causes a loss of volume in our skin—it becomes more wrinkled, loose, thin, crepey, and unevenly textured.

Years of exposure to UV rays cause pigmentation which only accelerate the aging process on our face and neck! Yuck! 

Red light therapy uses red wavelength 633nm light to target the cells responsible for collagen and elastin production. It supercharges the production of collagen and elastin in the skin to restore its natural elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and correct pigmentation from sun damage. 

As the red LED light makes contact with the deeper layers of the skin, the result is plumper, firmer, vibrant, and more youthful looking skin! 

But, what does this all mean? 

Simply put this device works at a cellular level to combat signs of aging from within. It enhances your skin's natural ability to produce collagen and elastin to reduce wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, pigmentation, and redness!

Customers Love Nutriskin So Much...Their Mask Sold Out 4x!

When the Wrinkle & Acne Clearing Light Therapy Mask first came out, they didn't expect that 10,000+ customers from more than 30 countries would sell out all of their inventory. 

Because of this constantly increasing demand and many people inquiring for discounts, the team at Nutriskin now decided to offer: 

20% off all Wrinkle & Acne Clearing Light Therapy Masks When You Order Today! 

This promotion will surely be appreciated by long-time Nutriskin fans but will likely make the current (5th) re-stock sell out even quicker than the previous ones - especially as the customers' word of mouth got influencers, bloggers, and journalists falling in love with the mask too.

20% off all Wrinkle & Acne Clearing Light Therapy Masks When You Order Today! 

How Nutriskin Tackles ALL Major Skin Issues

The Nutriskin LED Mask unlike other competitor brands comes with 7 (yes, SEVEN) different LED colors to choose from allowing it to treat ALL major skin issues.That's probably why most customers can't get enough of it! 

Here's what it can do for...


Blue LED light kills acne causing bacteria (known as Cutibacterium acnes or C. acnes for short), and the red light helps reduce inflammation and redness. 

Wrinkles/Fine Lines:

The red LED light penetrates deep within the skin to supercharge your body's natural production of collagen and elastin. These are the two structural proteins responsible for keeping the skim firm, elastic, and supple, giving it that youthful vibrant glow! 


Green light therapy reduces dark spots and hyperpigmentation by decreasing the production of melanocytes, the melanin forming cells found in the lower level of the dermis. These melanocytes are responsible for creating age spots.

Clogged pores & blackheads:

Blue light has an antimicrobial effect that can kill bacteria that cause acne. It can also reduce the activity of sebaceous glands, which produce less oil that can clog pores. Light therapy also shrinks the oil glands in your skin, so your skin makes less pore-clogging oil.

This all SOUNDS good...but how do I know it will work for me? 

The Nutriskin Wrinkle & Acne Clearing LED mask already has over three hundred 5-star reviews and more keep flowing in every week! That makes some people wonder if LED light therapy can really be this effective for them. 

But it's the ultimate at-home skincare device for a reason! 

Reduce wrinkles and fine lines - It boosts collagen and elastin production to restore the skin's plumpness and firmness.

Reduces pigmentation and redness - The Red LED light of the device has been clinically proven to reduce redness, inflammation, and pigmentation 

Don't neglect your neck! - The included neck attachment gives you all of the skin-improving benefits you get on your face on your neck too! 

All natural. No pain, side effects, or downtime - Improve your skin's texture, tighten wrinkly, sagging skin, all with no pain, side effects, or downtime!

 ✅ Portable and easy to use design - Simply plug the mask into your wall outlet for easy use in your bed or on your couch!

Immediate results with a cumulative effect - The LED light of the device penetrates deep into the layers of the skin, boosting collagen and elastin production on a cellular level!

It's no wonder it's sold out 4x! 

Reduce wrinkles, fine lines, acne, pigmentation, and redness all in just 10 minutes a day. 

Real People, Real Results

People of all different ages and skin types are reporting glowing effects:

Ashley was amazed by how much smoother her skin looked:

"With skepticism I bought this mask but being desperate to improve my looks I followed the directions to the T. After about 4 weeks of use where I thought my skin was starting to look good. I started getting compliments that I was looking 10 yrs younger which speaks for itself how effective this treatment is I am going to order one for my daughter also"

- Ashley

Jennifer, who tried countless products, loves how much tighter her pores are:

"I’m 50 now, and have tried so many products. Doctors, estheticians, you name it. Just about everything right up to the brink of Accutane, all with marginal results, if any at all. When LED masks hit the market, I could not wait to get one of my own. And it is one of the best purchases I ever made. I got one of these back in June and I’ve used it almost every day since. My skin is visibly less irritated now, and my pores are tighter. It has been more effective than any lotion or pill I’ve tried."

- Jennifer

Loved By People Around the World

People of all different ages and ethnicities are reporting glowing effects:

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